No pain

Some of readers might have negative impression about acupuncture, because they are anxious about pain when inserting needle by imaging injection and/or sewing needle. We normally use needles finer than hair (<0.14mm) and stimulate point on the skin to the depth of 1 – 2 mm.


So no/less pain would be felt when inserting, in most cases. The needles are usually retained in the body for 15 minutes or more.

While the guest is relaxed, the practitioner may choose to manipulate particular needles at particular acupuncture point to to give desired effects. This action is to either nourish, strengthen, or conversely, to drain or subdue.

Needles: Disposable & made in Japan.

The needles are pre-sterilized and disposable for ‘one-timeuse’.

At Mebius, we use needles produced and quality-controled in Japan.

If you are not willing doing acupuncture still, we have another choice; bar needles made of gold, silver, copper, titanium, with which we adjust the flow of meridian courses.

Normally these are applied specially for face or head.